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Sludge is the #1 Killer of Boilers In The UK

Sludge Kills thousands of Boilers in the UK every day.
It costs the nation over £700m per year in repair bills, it goes unseen to the homeowner and remains a major threat to the life of your boiler and system.
We Can Stop This Happening

21.5 Million
Boilers in the United Kingdom

Sludge is #1
Cause of Boilers Breakdowns

80% boiler
breakdowns are due to sludge

15% Boilers
Breakdown in the first year due to sludge

6 Million
Boiler Service Calls Per Year

In Unexpected Bills Due To Boiler Breakdowns Per Year.

Stop The Sludge

Protect Your Heating System

On average, a plumbing and heating engineer spends up to 74% of their week on service, maintenance and repair work mainly due to poor water quality in your system. By us adhering to British Standards 7593 you will not only reduce your annual energy bills by up to £80 but also we are fixing the root cause of the problem – saving you repair and replacement costs in the future.

Extended Life

Extend the life of your central heating system and avoid unexpected boiler breakdowns.

More Efficient

Enjoy a better running, more efficient boiler.

Eco Friendly

Be kinder to the planet with 7% carbon emission reduction.

Save Money

Reduce energy bills by upto £80 per year.

Reduced Risk

Reduce the risk of emergency call-outs and reduce expensive part replacements.

Help Me Stop The Sludge!

We can offer you complete peace of mind by promoting a healthier heating system and protection for your existing central heating system during your service, maintenance or repair visit. Want to know how?

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