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Honeywell Lyric Support


Do you have a question about your Lyric T6 Smart Thermostat? Explore Honeywells videos, user guides and FAQ’s for more information.

Creating Your Account

Connecting and configuring your Lyric (Including Apple Home Kit)

Changing and overriding Schedule

Changing the schedule using the Lyric app

Enable location based temperature control

Changing system and holiday mode


Honeywell Lyric FAQ’s

When the “Stand-by” icon is selected the heating will toggle between on and off.

When the [SCHEDULE icon] icon is selected, the thermostat will activate or deactivate scheduling.

The Holiday mode can be enabled via the Lyric App. To enable Holiday mode from within your Lyric App go to Menu/Holiday.

Once enabled Holiday mode can be disabled from within the app or by touching your Lyric T6 Thermostat screen to resume the schedule.

To update default schedules you can select the schedule button on the Lyric app or go to Schedule in the menu of your Lyric Thermostat.

Yes. Lyric T6 thermostat is an intelligent programmable room thermostat designed to work stand alone or controlled via the Lyric app.

All settings are stored in permanent memory so that the thermostat can start working properly as soon as power is restored.

Yes, the Lyric app supports multi zoning using Lyric T6 Thermostats.

Lyric T6 thermostat is a wired device and requires wall mounting.

The Lyric T6R thermostat is a wireless device and is on a table stand.

Honeywell takes great care to ensure it is always fully compliant with all relevant European legislation regarding personal data resulting from its products and services.

We fully understand customer concerns about both data privacy and security and can assure customers our products and services are engineered with those considerations in mind.

Full details can be found

(For example, Honeywell has been ranked first in the industrial and manufacturing section of Security Magazine’s ‘Security 500’ classification.)

Lyric T6 Thermostat is suitable for most wet heating systems including S-Plan and Y-Plan. It will work with both Combination and System Boilers, Oil and Gas.