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About CombiSave

Everything you need to know about CombiSave

Watch our video to learn how a CombiSave works and how it could help you save money, time and water.


How Does A CombiSave Work?

If you have a combi boiler (one that heats your water as and when you need it) Then a CombiSave is for you… Below is some more information on how these great devices can help you save time, money and water.

Save 28k Litres Of Water

Save Water

Save up to 28,000 litres of water (that's almost 350 baths) and 600kWh of gas (enough to power the average home for two weeks) a year.

50% Less Waiting For Hot Water

Get Hot Water Quicker

A CombiSave can cut your waiting time by up to 50% taking around 30 seconds less for hot water to reach you.

Save Up To £100

Lower Your Bills

A CombiSave Reduces the amount of gas and water you use so helps lower your gas and water bills (if you're on a water meter) by around £100.

So What Is A CombiSave?

A CombiSave is a simple device that is fixed under your combi boiler onto your existing pipework that monitors your water temperature.

Controlled Water Flow

When you turn on your hot tap, the CombiSave slows the water flow until it heats to the right temperature (around 43°C)

Automatically Senses Temperature

Once the water is nice and hot, you’ll notice that the flow to your tap or shower goes back to normal

Energy Saving

As it’s just a valve, it doesn’t use any extra gas or electricity

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