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Meeting BS 7593:2019 standards with excellence

BS 7593:2019 is the new British Standard Institutes code of practice that was introduced 31 May 2019 for preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic central heating and cooling water systems.

It applies to individual domestic premises when commissioning a new system for the first time on a new build, or re-commissioning following the installation of a new boiler, or any remedial work.


Why Have The Regulations Changed?

bsiThe British Standard Institute has been listening to evidence from the industry and customers about how the industry is managed. A high proportion of boilers that fail in the first year (which should never happen) do so because of poor water quality. By introducing regular testing and re-dosing, proper (and regular) system cleaning, and the mandatory installation of an in-line filter to the industry’s code of practice, we can now improve the efficiency and life expectancy of every household heating system.

Benefits To Customers

Here is how the new standards benefit you, the customer.

Lower Running Costs

An inline magnetic filter can save you 7% on your gas heating each year, as well as improve radiator output by 47%

Longer Boiler Life

A health heating system that follows the British Standards can extend the life of a boiler beyond the average 5-10 years.

Fewer Breakdowns

The biggest single cause of boiler breakdown is a build up of sludge. By following the new standards we can reduce the chance of system breakdown.

Better Warranties

Boiler Manufacturers already recognise the damage done by dirty water in your system. A system that’s cleaned and meets the new standards will ensure warranty is protected.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

By installing a magnetic filter, limescale reducer, combisave as well as regularly servicing, your boiler will run more efficiently thus using less gas helping the environment.

So How Do We Comply?

We Use A Host of Additional Products As Standard

1. Clean – We use a chemical inhibitor to shift any sludge or build up in the system, pipes, radiators or boiler.
2. Flush – We flush the entire system so that the water us completely free from sludge.
3. Magnetic Filter – We fit a filter to catch and collect any sludge that future corrosion could cause.
4. Protect – We dose the system with protective chemicals to slow and even stop corrosion as well as include any other inline filters such as a hard water filter if you live in a hard water area.
5. Test – We regularaly check your systems water when we annualy service your boiler. This will help be one step ahead of any potential problems.
6. Maintain – Keeping up with maintenance provides maximum protection, whether cleaning the filter or re-dosing your system with chemicals.

How We Comply

We follow a 6 method process to make sure we comply with the new Gov BS standards. The method we follow is;







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