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Ways To Save – Laundry

Energy Tips For Your Heating Habits

Ways to save money doing your laundry.

Number 4 in our ‘ways to save’ series is about how to save whilst doing your laundry. If you have a large family, it probably feels like your washing machine is constantly on all of the time. So here are some tips to cut your energy use, and shrink your bill – not your clothes.

1.  Put eco-balls in your tumble dryer to spread your clothes so they dry more quickly

2.  Turn your washing machine temperature down. Most clothes can now be washed at 30º rather then 40º. This saves time and money heating the water up.

3.  Use a maiden or clothes horse to dry your closes rather than putting the heating on the dry them.

4.  Only wash your clothes when you need to… don’t just put a load on if you have other clothes, towels or bedding in the cupboard you can use.

5.  If you have clothes that need hand washing, try hand washing them traditionally rather than using the power hungry hand wash setting on your machine.

6. Always put a full load in the machine, and try to do your week’s laundry in one go. Don’t half fill he machine.

7. Use the economy setting on your washing machine to save water and energy

8. Air-dry your laundry outside instead of using an energy-hungry tumble dryer. It doesn’t have to be warm out for your closed to dry outdoors.

9. Don’t dry clothes on radiators. It just makes your boiler work harder

10. Keep your tumble dryer’s fluff filter clean so heat can flow freely inside the drum

Our aim is to always help customers save money on their heating bills as well as reduce carbon emissions.

One of values is to promise is to deliver the best service and products we can at a fair price. If that means offering free tips and advice to save money (while helping the planet) then we’re more than happy to.

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