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System Maintenance

Your heating system is the heart of your home providing warms and hot water for you and your loved ones.

We offer a unique service where we take on any heating system out of warranty and offer you a 5 year warranty if you allow us to maintain your boiler and system.

Reinstate Your Boiler Warranty After Expiration

Upgrade your system with the latest gadgets design for protection

Perform a FREE Home Health Check of all your Gas appliances

Get rid of those costly monthly payments for boiler cover

Did you know that if you’ve not had your boiler serviced by anyone in the last 12 months your warranty is void?

Did you also know that your warranty doesn’t cover you if your boiler breaks down due to sludge in the system… and the only way to remove that sludge is to filter it out?

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We’re offering a unique Maintenance package that flushes your system, we remove any sludge, we service your boiler, install a in-line water filter, install a Magnetic filtration device that catches any iron oxide in your heating system water and we give you a further 5 year BeSure Warranty on your boiler to cover you for the coming years? No need for any more boiler cover breakdown payments.

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